7422 Strap - Aluminium Door

7422 Strap - Aluminium Door
Manufacturer: Dormakaba

The 7422 Strap - Aluminium Door is a drop forged steel strap that is zinc plated for corrosion resistance. It is designed to fit aluminium doors and is compatible with Dorma BTS series floor springs.

The strap measures 235mm long, 24mm wide, and 20mm deep. It is adjustable to various door frame profiles, so it can be used on a wide range of doors.

The 7422 Strap - Aluminium Door is a high-quality product that is made to last. It is a reliable and affordable option for securing aluminium doors.

Here are the key features of the 7422 Strap - Aluminium Door:

  • Drop forged steel construction
  • Zinc plated finish
  • Suitable for aluminium doors
  • Compatible with Dorma BTS series floor springs
  • Adjustable to various door frame profiles
  • Dimensions: 235mm L x 24mm W x 20mm D
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