Brio Slide Track Twinwheel

Brio Slide Track Twinwheel
Manufacturer: Allegion

Brio Slide Track Twinwheel 45 is a top-hung sliding track system suitable for residential situations where smooth and silent operation is of major importance. It is suitable for a single panel or for two panels on a bi-parting installation. The track can be either face or soffit fitted.

The track system can support a maximum panel weight of 45kg and a maximum panel width of 1520mm. The minimum panel width is 620mm and the minimum panel thickness is 25mm. The track system is suitable for use with timber framed panels of flush, paneled or glazed construction.

The standard sets comprise of the top track, hanger 3assembly, door stops, guide, all timber screws and installation instructions. The sets are available in four sizes:

  • TW45-16/1: Suitable for a single panel with a minimum width of 620mm and a maximum width of 920mm. The track length is 1630mm.
  • TW45-22/1: Suitable for a single panel with a minimum width of 920mm and a maximum width of 1220mm. The track length is 2230mm.
  • TW45-28/1: Suitable for a single panel with a minimum width of 1220mm and a maximum width of 1520mm. The track length is 2830mm.
  • TW45-33/2: Suitable for two bi-parting panels with a minimum width of 620mm and a maximum width of 870mm each. The track length is 3320mm.

The track and hanger assembly on each standard set are specifically designed for the minimum and maximum travel of the panel and are not available in other sizes.

The track has a rounded trough for smooth operation and a ‘hooded’ top to prevent the hanger assembly from jumping off the track. The track can be sidewall or soffit fitted. The aluminium extruded hanger assembly is in one piece for ease of fitting and correct alignment of wheels. The nylon wheels, with integrated bronze axles, provide a friction-reduced differential action.

The steel top plate, complete with adjusting bolts, washers and nuts, allows ample vertical and lateral adjustment. The components are zinc plated.

The zinc-plated steel door stop includes a rubber buffer. The stop is fitted into the track and is secured in place with a screw beneath the track.

The guide in white nylon comes in two parts that fit on both sides of the panel. The guide is floor mounted.

Alternative guides are available in zinc-plated steel and white nylon. These guides can be fitted to the wall or architrave, in the overlap area, and slide through a 20mm deep by 5mm wide saw cut in the bottom rail of the panel.

A fascia in pearl white on aluminium is also available. The fascia hooks onto the track, no screws are required. It is supplied with End Caps and is available in 1800mm and 3050mm lengths.

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