IS4078si 19mm High Ramped Threshold 150mm Wide

IS4078si 19mm High Ramped Threshold 150mm Wide
Manufacturer: Kilargo

Explore the Kilargo IS4078si Threshold Plate, a reliable access solution designed to accommodate wheelchair and trolley traffic while compensating for uneven floors. These threshold ramps ensure compliance with 'access for people with disability' requirements and come with a durable anodized finish and PVC bedding pads to reduce vibration, noise, and moisture ingress.

Key Features:

  • Incline Rate: The IS4078si Threshold Plate offers a 1:8 incline rate, meeting the necessary standards for wheelchair traffic and accessibility.

  • Size Options: Available in standard lengths of 1000mm and 2250mm, the threshold ramps can also be obtained in 250mm increments, ranging from 1000mm to 5000mm, catering to various door and floor sizes.

  • Material: Crafted from silver anodized aluminum, these threshold ramps provide durability and corrosion resistance.

  • Installation: The threshold ramps come with stainless steel fixing screws and plugs for easy and secure installation.

  • Versatile Configuration: These extrusions can be positioned back-to-back to form a two-way threshold ramp, further enhancing accessibility options.


  • Fire Tested: The IS4078si Threshold Plate has been fire tested to AS1530 Part 4, complying with AS1905 Part 1 fire safety standards.

  • UL Certifications: GVYI.R26629, GVWZ.R26629, GVWZ7.R26629

  • Access Compliance: The product meets AS1428/1 standards for design and mobility access, making it suitable for accessible building designs.

  • NCC Conformance: The threshold ramps conform to NCC D2.15 & D3.3 requirements for access by people with disabilities.

Enhance the accessibility and ensure compliance with Kilargo's IS4078si Threshold Plate. The durable construction, multiple size options, and reliable certifications make it an ideal solution for providing safe and easy access for wheelchair and trolley traffic.

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