IS5110 - 13mm Brush Strip

IS5110 - 13mm Brush Strip
Manufacturer: Kilargo

Introducing our versatile Brush Seals for superior protection and functionality in any door application. Specifically designed for head & jambs, door bottom, meeting stiles, and more, these seals are perfect for single or double swing doors, revolving, tilt-up, and roller doors.

Keep draughts, dust, insects, and weather at bay with these reliable brush seals. The slim-line carriers feature an aesthetic angle to prevent dust build-up, ensuring a clean and polished look.

Crafted with black nylon brush filaments securely locked into a galvanized steel strip, our brush seals offer exceptional durability and longevity. Choose from options with an aluminum carrier or brush-only for maximum flexibility.

Standard Lengths

  • 1000mm
  • 2250mm
    Explore the additional sizes available: 250mm increments ranging from 1000mm to 3000mm. 
    Please contact us at (08) - 9244 7644. We'll be happy to assist you.

Standard Colours

  • Silver anodised aluminium carrier with black nylon brush
  • Black anodised aluminium carrier with black nylon brush


  • Brush seals (within carriers) can be screw-fixedor self-adhered to the desired surface
  • Fixing screws and aggressive backing tape are supplied
  • Brush only seals can be mortised into a nominal 3mm (w) x 4mm (d) groove (with the length slightly kinkedfor an interference fit)


Durability tests demonstrating over 100,000 open & close cycles


Upgrade your doors with our high-quality brush seals today and enjoy enhanced protection and peace of mind.