IS8090si Auto Bottom Seal CA

IS8090si Auto Bottom Seal CA
Manufacturer: Kilargo

Our heavy-duty, automatic door bottom seal offers versatile installation options for single action doors. It can be either semi-rebated or face-fixed to the bottom edge of the door. Equipped with a spring-loaded mechanism, the seal automatically lifts clear of the floor when the door is opened, triggered by pressure against the adjustable brass strike button on the door jamb.

For face-fixed installation, the seal is securely attached to the door's bottom surface using the provided fixing screws. Rigid push-fit nylon end plates ensure the durability of the seal mechanism.

In the case of semi-rebated installation, the seal is mounted into a stepped rebate on the side of the door. This involves a machined groove measuring 44mm deep and 21mm wide for the bottom section, along with a machined recess measuring 25mm deep and 3mm wide for the top flange. The seal can be screw-fixed into position through the flange and comes with cast aluminium end plates.

Furthermore, the seal incorporates a high-efficiency mechanism designed to meet the closing force requirements specified in AS1428/1 (Design for Access and Mobility). This ensures compliance with relevant standards while providing optimal functionality.

Gap Size

  • Min. 3mm / max. 15mm

Standard Lengths

  • 450mm
  • 610mm
  • 820mm
  • 920mm
  • 1070mm
  • 1220mm
  • 1500mm
    (*Longer length available to special order up to a maximum 1600mm)

    For orders, please contact us at (08) - 9244 7644. We'll be happy to assist you.

Standard Lengths with Maximum Cut-back sizes

  • 450mm seal cuts to 275mm
  • 610mm seal cuts to 450mm
  • 820mm seal cuts to 610mm
  • 920mm seal cuts to 610mm
  • 1070mm seal cuts to 920mm
  • 1220mm seal cuts to 1070mm
  • 1500mm seal cuts to 1220mm

(*Seals can be cut on site to exact dimension)

Standard Colours

  • Silver anodised aluminium with grey end plates (or cast aluminium end plates) and grey silicone gasket
  • Black anodised aluminium with black end plates (or black cast aluminium end plates) and black silicone gasket


  • Fire tested to AS1530 Part 4 in accordance with AS1905 Part 1
  • Certifications GVYI.R26629, GVWZ.R26629, GVWZ7.R26629
  • Medium temperature smoke leakage approvals to AS1530 Part 7 available on proprietary door assemblies
  • Conforms with BCA Specification C3.4 smoke sealing requirements
  • Acoustically tested in accordance with AS1191, IS0140.3 & ISO10140-2
  • Durability tests demonstrating over 1,000,000 open and close cycles