LAS8005 Drop Seal

LAS8005 Drop Seal
Manufacturer: Assa Abloy
  • Fully concealed and mechanically fixed to the bottom of the door through the flanges. This makes it a great choice for doors that need to be sealed tightly, such as fire doors or doors in areas with high noise levels.
  • Dual internal sealing fins enhance acoustic and smoke containment performance. This makes the LAS8005 Drop Seal a great choice for doors that need to be sealed tightly to prevent noise or smoke from escaping.
  • Supplied with high performance fire rated silicone rubber gasket and aesthetic colour matched end caps. The high performance silicone rubber gasket provides a tight seal, while the colour matched end caps add a touch of style.
  • Fully automatic, no power connection required. This makes the LAS8005 Drop Seal a low-maintenance option that is easy to install and use.
  • Simple adjustment to suit varying door gap requirements. The LAS8005 Drop Seal can be adjusted to accommodate door gaps of up to 13mm, making it a versatile option for a variety of doors.
  • Proven long term reliability. The LAS8005 Drop Seal is made from high quality materials and has been designed to last for many years.

Standard lengths:

  • 820mm (may be trimmed back to 720mm)
  • 920mm (may be trimmed back to 820mm)
  • 1070mm (may be trimmed back to 920mm)

Gap sizes:

  • Accommodates and seals gaps up to 13mm.
  • Greater gaps can be sealed if product is used with a threshold plate.

Fixing method:

  • Fits into a 15mm wide x 35mm deep groove and retained in place by screw fixing through the seal flanges.


  • Silver anodised aluminium with stainless steel end plates and grey silicone rubber gasket.

The LAS8005 Drop Seal is a high-quality, versatile drop seal that is perfect for a variety of doors. It is fully concealed, easy to install and use, and provides a tight seal that can help to prevent noise, smoke, and insects from entering your home.

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