LAS8006 Drop Seal

LAS8006 Drop Seal
Manufacturer: Assa Abloy

The LAS8006 Drop Seal is an effective acoustic sealing solution that can be easily retrofitted to existing door assemblies. It is quickly and easily fitted to the bottom of the door, and can be fitted semi-mortised for a flush finish. The seal features dual internal sealing fins that enhance acoustic and smoke containment performance. It is supplied with a fire rated silicone rubber gasket and aesthetic push-fit end caps. The seal is fully automatic, with no power connection required. It is simple to adjust to suit varying door gap requirements, and has proven long term reliability.

Standard lengths

  • 535mm (may be cut back to 435mm)
  • 635mm (may be cut back to 535mm)
  • 735mm (may be cut back to 635mm)
  • 820mm (may be cut back to 735mm)
  • 920mm (may be cut back to 820mm)
  • 1070mm (may be cut back to 920mm)
  • 1220mm (may be cut back to 1070mm)
  • 1400mm* (may be cut back to 1220mm)
  • 1600mm* (may be cut back to 1400mm)

*Non-standard sizes do not hold test evidence for the approval for use. Speak to our Technical Team for advice.

Gap sizes

The LAS8006 Drop Seal accommodates and seals gaps from up to 13mm. Greater gaps can be sealed if the product is used with a threshold plate.

Fixing method

The LAS8006 Drop Seal can be face-fixed or semi-mortised to the bottom of the door. Fixing screws are supplied.


The LAS8006 Drop Seal is available in silver anodised aluminium with grey push-fit end caps and grey silicone rubber gasket.


  • Fire: Tested in accordance with AS1530.4 on proprietary AS1905.1 fire door assemblies for up to 4 hour rating.
  • Smoke: AS1530.7 smoke test data on AS6905 compliant smoke door assemblies. Conforms with BCA Specification C3.4 smoke sealing requirements.
  • Sound: Acoustically tested in accordance with ISO10140-2 and AS/NZS717.1 with ratings up to 42Rw on appropriate rated assemblies.
  • Durability: Long term mechanical test, completing 100,000 cycles without failure.
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